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  • Kendy Ward

Daughter's of Zion

This morning I was looking for some Bible study notes I am doing on King Saul, and stumbled across this Word from last year.  Thought I would share it.  

March 10, 2012 Go forth, O ye daughters of Zion, and behold King Solomon with the crown wherewith his mother crowned him in the day of his espousals, and in the day of the gladness of his heart. (Song of Solomon 3:11) I am the Lord.  I change not.  My promises are yea and amen, and I will do what I said that I would do.  Daughters of Zion it is time to come out of hiding and possess the throne room.  It is time to take your rightly places alongside King Adam to be his right hand, his assistant, his help meet.  Adam does not slumber nor does he sleep.  He waits for the rightly appointed time to take his queen and the appointed time is now.  It is the season of manifestation.  In this season there will arise any army of families who will fight for the restoration of families and the family structure and family morals.  Husbands will return to wives.  Wives will return to husbands.  Fathers will return to sons and sons will return to fathers.  It is a time of restoration and reformation of families.  Families of God will be the example.  Godly marriages will be the example.  Godly wives will be the example.  Godly husbands will be the example.  The world will envy and covet what the people of God have.  Your message to them will be “oh taste and see that the Lord is good”.  You will always give praise, honor and credit to God for blessing and ordaining your marriage and your family. Holiness and purity will be your platform.  It is from that perspective you will speak to families, to husbands, to wives, to children about being that “perfect”, Godly prototype.  Daughters of Zion arise, go forth and possess your husbands in the throne room.  In Genesis we see that God said that it was not good for Adam to be alone.  It was the first time in the creation story where He said that something was not good.  Everything else was good.  So He made Eve.  Adam was already made, ready and waiting for Eve.  After God finished making the woman He brought her to the man. So the woman came to the man.  Also in the book of Ruth, the heroine, Ruth, goes to Boaz.  Lastly, in the Book of Esther, again Esther approaches King Xerxes in the throne room.  These men, all three of them, were ready and acted quickly once the woman came to them.  God brought Eve to Adam, and Adam immediately says this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.  Ruth goes to the threshing floor and lays at Boaz’s feet.  Boaz immediately agrees to be her kinsman redeemer and goes the next day to do what he promised he would do.  When Esther entered the throne room before she could even make her request to the king he told her that he would give her whatever she wanted.  These men were ready and Daughters of Zion your Adam is also ready, but he is waiting on you to step out.  Not in the physical, but emotionally to step out by letting go of whatever is causing you to refuse to believe that Adam is ready.  If you need to forgive a man, forgive him.  If you need to forgive yourself, forgive yourself. Adam is ready, but it’s not like he is waiting on you.  He’s not even aware that you’re coming.  Adam, Boaz nor King Xerxes were aware that the women were coming to them, but she when arrived they were ready.  Likewise when you “arrive” he will recognize you and be ready.

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