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As an award winning author, Kendy Ward uses her gift of writing to take readers on a romantic journey where classic love stories meet modern storytelling. From Christian romance you are sure to enjoy, to faith based novels that will inspire and uplift you. 

Kendy's books are sure to make your list of favorites.


Explore the list of Kendy Ward books below to find your next read.

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As a little girl, she was deemed trash, and no one wanted anything to do with her. Now all grown up, as the brash owner of the Bahamas’ number one magazine and a fledgling clothing boutique, Reign Bryant has made good on her promise to silence her bullies with success. Although the painful remnants from her past lurk in her spirit, the swanky condo, luxury car and glamorous life she dreamed of through the tears keeps a smile plastered to her face. Still, a reckless mistake from her past haunts her every day, and quick-tempered Reign must make it right before it’s too late.

Handsome detective Storm Knight is Reign’s teenage crush. After 16 years of being absent from her life, Storm is the only person who can lead Reign to the redemption she so desperately craves.
Despite his arrogance, self-righteous attitude and polarizing opinions completely opposite of her own, Reign finds herself still attracted to the man who was her first love. Will Reign and Storm be able to put their differences aside, or will her last shot at redemption be her undoing and tear them apart forever?

Only One Knight
only one knight

Money answereth all things…but what if the answer is hate?

Detest isn’t strong enough to describe the emotions Priscilla Deveaux harbors toward the filthy rich man who recklessly fathered and tossed her away like the trash her mother cleaned as a housekeeper in his family’s mansion. Rejected and shunned by the world of excesses she failed to fit into, the stunning Bahamian high school counselor wears freedom on her sleeve and rebuffs anything and anyone connected to wealth without remorse.…until the father of one of the unruly students she counsels collides with the staunch morals she fiercely defends. When his daughter’s behavior spirals out of control, millionaire Randy Knight wanders into Nassau Baptist Academy for a conference, uncertain what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect to find love in brilliant and beautiful Priscilla – or to risk losing her because he walked away from God. Can Priscilla and Randy overcome the barriers which bind them, or will they find they are truly unequally yoked.

Oh Romeo, Romeo

Shiloh James is the quintessential good girl. Despite the devil whispering in her ear, she has decided to wait and trust that God can send the perfect man into her life. He would be a righteous and good man. He definitely would not be the National Basketball Association's premier bad boy, Romeo Knight. From Shiloh's first encounter with Romeo there was something incredibly explosive between the, but not in a good way. Romeo Knight was annoyingly arrogant, incredibly selfish and inexcusably defiant. He was a wild haired, tatted up menace to society. Absolutely nothing like the Boaz she dreamed of. But dreams are one thing... and Romeo Knight was all together, something else.When Romeo's hot temper gets him indefinitely suspended from the NBA, God instructs Shiloh to help him. Although reluctant at first, she yields to the Holy Spirit, and slowly but surely she watches Romeo transform into the man God called him to be. Now she must determine if Romeo Knight is ready to be the man who will posses her heart.

Oh Romeo, Romeo
back at one

Jason and Jael met, fell in love, got married and started a family. Happily ever after was supposed to be the next stop. Unfortunately, their real life did not play out like a fairy tale. In order to provide for his family Jason wanted to make his dream of owning a restaurant a reality. His desperation to do this drove him to taking out a loan from one of his community's most notorious drug dealers, King Sands. When it was time to pay King back Jason could not, so King went after his wife, Jael, who then fled with their children. Fast forward ten years later Jason’s faith, though shaken a lot of the time, remained intact. He is standing on faith and believing God that he and his estranged wife will be reunited. God hears and answers his prayers when Jael returns. He knows that a lot has happened between then and now, but believes that God restores. He is on a mission to win his wife back, and with God’s help he will.

Back At One
love, hope, faith

Stories of Love, Hope and Faith line the pages of this spiritually uplifting anthology produced by bestselling author, Vanessa Miller. Love. Hope. Faith. will take you on a journey toward your happy place. The contributing writers of this anthology pour out their hearts to deliver soul-stirring, Godly stories of triumph. The Love. Hope. Faith. anthology will touch your heart as it allows you to believe again.

Love, Hope, Faith
Kendy Front Cover.png
god- esteem

God’s marvelous light burns inside of us, but what happens when we put it out and choose self-imposed darkness? In God-Esteem: Seeing God in You, author and Kingdom Warrior Kendy Ward shares her personal journey from the debilitating lack of confidence which convinced her that she was the least of the least, to boldly embracing God’s will for her life as His ambassador of light, love, power and authority. God delivered Kendy from self-deprecation and doubt, to activating the gifts He placed inside of her. He can and will do the same for you! 2 Timothy 1:14 proclaims that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us. God lives in us, but we must be equipped to guard our spirit when the enemy attacks us with brokenness, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Without God, our destiny goes out of tune; however, when we listen to Him, He grants us the confidence we need to complete the work He has begun within us. His glory is waiting, Warrior. Are you ready to embrace your God-esteem?

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